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Benefits of Online Courses

Bullet Many courses are low cost!

Bullet Make your own schedule; 24/7 access.

Bullet Work with a certified instructor by email, chat, discussion boards, and phone conferences.

Adult General Education
Adult High School
Career / Technical Education
160+ core/elective classes available including (but not limited to):
Health Core (OCP A)
Algebra I, Algebra II
Business Education Core (OCP A)
American Government
Web Design 1 and 2
Computing for College and Careers
Earth Space Science
English I, English II
English III, English IV
For more information regarding CTE courses, contact Jamie Robitaille: jamie.eddleman@comcast.net
Life Management Skills
Liberal Arts Math
Marine Science
Personal Fitness
Spanish 1 and 2
U.S. History
Web Design 1 and 2
World History
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