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How are the courses delivered?

The courses are teacher-directed and delivered via the Internet through a Learning Management System product called “Educator” by UCompass.com. The courses are hosted in a secure environment, and users are provided technical support by the company. Each school or district remains autonomous in its admissions and registration process. An appointed administrator in each school or district enrolls students in the online course with a secure user identification and password.

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Business Technology

Business Systems Technology – 8209020 – 1.0 credit
BST is the core class for all students entering a business program. Course topics include keyboarding, word-processing, spreadsheet, communication skills, and time management. Modules 1-5 cover the requirements for Keyboarding and Business Skills while Modules 6-9 satisfy the requirements for Computer and Business Skills.

Web Design I – 8207110 – 1.0 credit
This course builds upon the basic competencies learned in BST. Students will learn about operating systems, HTML commands, navigation of the Internet, Intranet, and the World Wide Web; the course teaches students how to optimize their email and work in a telecommuting world.


Life Management Skills – 0800300 – 0.5 credit
This course is about building decision-making skills and choosing a healthier lifestyle. Students will work their way through “signposts” in order to determine their direction in life and the consequences they may face.

Language Arts

English I – 1001310 – 1.0 credit
The purpose of this course is to give you the tools to see and hear with real understanding, and to communicate with real conviction. Great books, short stories, poems and plays convey messages and feelings that make them great.

English II – 1001340 – 1.0 credit
This course is designed around the theme of dreams; therefore, through the literature, students will take a look at people, real and imagined, who have tried to make their dreams come true.

English III – 1001370 – 1.0 credit
Using the theme of the newspaper, this junior-level course covers American literature written between the Early American period up to the present. The selection of literature ranges from fiction and poetry to speeches, sermons, letters, and journals. Students will see where this literature fits in relation to the events and culture of the time period.

English IV – 1001400 – 1.0 credit
Students explore various “doors of knowledge and opportunity” awaiting them as they transition from high school to the world of work or higher education. Students study a broad spectrum of genres including poetry, short stories, drama, fiction and nonfiction. Assignments challenge students to demonstrate their knowledge of literature and language.


Algebra I – 1200310 – 1.0 credit
This course is a foundation math course for all future mathematics courses. The emphasis is on student success through learning the applications of algebra using a variety of learning styles, hands-on activities, group interactions, discoveries, and, of course, technology.

Algebra II – 1200330 – 1.0 credit
Algebra II is an advanced course using hands-on activities, applications, group interactions, and the latest technology. You’ll have the algebra you need for college admission, and be on a fast track to career success.

Geometry – 1206310 – 1.0 credit
Geometry is everywhere, not just in pyramids. Engineers use geometry to bank highways and build bridges. Artists use geometry to create perspective in their paintings, and mapmakers help travelers find things using the points located on a geometric grid. Throughout this course, we’ll take you on a mathematical highway illuminated by spatial relationships, reasoning, connections, and problem solving..

Liberal Arts Math – 1208300 – 1.0 credit
The setting for this course is an amusement park with animals, rides, and games. Your job will be to apply what you learn to dozens of real-world scenarios. Equations, geometric relationships, and statistical probabilities can sometimes be dull, but not in this class! Your park guide (teacher) will take you on a grand tour of problems and puzzles that show how things work and how mathematics provides valuable tools for everyday living. Come reinforce your existing algebra and geometry skills to learn solid skills with the algebraic and geometric concepts you'll need for further study of mathematics. We have an admission ticket with your name on it and we promise an exciting ride with no waiting!


Biology – 2000310 – 1.0 credit
This is a course with real relevance. It’s all about the living things on this planet, and the way they connect together. In this course, the BioVenture Travel Agency will send you on tours like Safari Quest, Classification Cruise, Genetic Park Excursion, and on an all-expense-paid trip to the Egyptian pyramids.

Earth Space Science – 2001310 – 1.0 credit
Students explore earth and space science concepts from four perspectives as they become a part of Professor Perspective’s exploration team. Students arrive at their own perspective through exploring the lands, skies, water, and universe.

Marine Science – 2002500 – 1.0 credit
As President John Kennedy once said, “Knowledge of the oceans is no longer a matter of curiosity; our very survival may hinge upon it." After taking this course, you will have the knowledge.

Social Studies

American Government – 2106310 – 0.5 credit
Students journey through the processes of American government by exploring the sights of Washington D.C. Students learn about the role of citizens in a democracy, and how they can be active participants who can influence government.

U.S. History – 2100310 – 1.0 credit
This course has two purposes: (1) To gain broad knowledge of the American nation by focusing on political, cultural and economic factors that have influenced the events over the past 500 years in North America; (2) To acquire investigative skills necessary to evaluate a wide range of circumstances, synthesize effective solutions to problems, and evaluate outcomes.

Economics – 2102310 – 0.5 credit
Learn economic concepts by taking a tour of Econ City, a virtual city where students will explore how government, businesses, and even personal decisions impact the economy. Students will gain understanding of choices they must make as producers, consumers, investors, and taxpayers.

World History – 2109310 – 1.0 credit
As participating members of a global community, students will understand the connections to the development of civilizations by examining the past to prepare for the future.



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