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Course Name: English II

Subject: Language Arts

Course Number: 1001340

Credit Earned: 1.0 credit

Prerequisites: None

Course description: English II includes reading selections from around the world. Thecourse revolves around the idea of dreams—the obtainable and unobtainable. Accordingly, the readings relate to dreams and goalsetting.

Scope & Sequence: Module 1: Wake Up and Dream

Course information

Travel the Passages

Vitalize your Vocabulary

Papers and Essays

Module 2: DreamScape

Find a Fitting Font and Text

Layout Your Language and Lists

Master Moving Poetry

Visualize your Vocabulary

Module 3: Dream about Drama

Set the Stage

View a video

Laugh with the Lines

Develop a Dialogue

Module 4: Visit Lands of Fantasy

Consider Cultural Artifacts

Analyze the Ancients

Allude to the Past

Scope Out the Stars

Choose Your Muse

Preserve a Physique

Bolster Business

Mid-Term Activities

Select a Mid-Term Exam Assignment

Module 5: Defer a Dream?

Postpone a Dream?

Live a Dream?

Represent a Dream?

Leave it to Luck?

Emote or Demote?

Characterize a Story?

Module 6: Promote a Dream

Wield the Power Tools

Profit with Persuasion

Perceive Political Power

Deconstruct a Dream

Deliver with Dash

Propel Your Point

Connect with Steinbeck

Module 7: Follow Your Fancy

Straw into Gold

Please Your Personality?

Please Your Profession?

Discover Your Muse?

Interview an Expert

Investigate the Internet

Module 8: Assess Your Aspirations

Orient Your Readers

Find Your Voice

Share Your Search

Quote the Experts

Report Your Research

Cite Your Sources

Ponder the Possibilities

Final Exam Selection

Reigning Words

Gear Up for Grammar

Weather the Forces of Fiction

Navigate the Key Ideas

Brave the Elements of Essays

This course integrates the Goal 3 Student Performance Standards of the Florida System of School Improvement and Accountability as appropriate to the subject matter.

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