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Course Description

Course Name:  Marine Science

Subject: Science

Course Number: 2002500

Credit Earned: 1.0 credit

Prerequisites: Biology I

Course description: Since seventy-five percent of our planet is covered by water, there are plenty of things to see and research in all that water.  Understanding our oceans, seas, and lakes is essential for our survival.  In this course, you will join a marine expedition that will circle the earth.  You will see everything from the warm waters around Central America to the Challenger Deep nearly seven miles straight down in the Pacific.

As a member of the expedition crew, you will conduct research, perform experiments, and discover man’s interrelationship with the marine environment.  You will learn about the nature of science, the origins of the oceans, the chemical and physical structure of the marine environment, and the ecologies of the different places you visit.

As President John Kennedy once said, “Knowledge of the oceans is no longer a matter of curiosity; our very survival may hinge upon it."  After taking this course, you will have the knowledge.


Major Topics & Concepts:     

Segment 1:

  • Scientific Method
  • Writing a Hypothesis
  • Designing an Experiment
  • Properties of Water
  • Science of Navigation
  • Ocean Exploration
  • Rocky Shore Ecosystem
  • Introduction to Crustaceans
  • Ocean Zones
  • Sea Turtles (rehabilitation and migration)
  • Shrimp Industry
  • Sandy Beach Ecosystem
  • Beach Erosion Control
  • Marine Pollution
  • Introduction to Marine Phytoplankton
  • Organism Adaptations
  • Energy and Food Webs
  • Human Impact of the Marine Environment

Segment 2:

  • Characteristics of Ocean Surface Currents
  • El Niño Southern Oscillation Phenomenon
  • Hurricane
  • Penguins and a study of their insulating properties
  • Antarctic (Research and Ecology)
  • Coral Reefs
  • History of the Aqualung
  • Exploring the Classes of Mollusks
  • Importance and characteristics of Estuaries
  • Mangrove Ecosystem
  • Nutrients in the Marine Environment
  • Exploring the Ocean’s Abyss
  • Causes of Waves and Tides
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Exploring the Classes of Fish
  • Marine Mammal Characteristics and Adaptations
  • Exploration of Kelp and its Importance
  • Keystone Species
  • The Destructive Practices in the Fishing Industry
  • Human Impact of the Marine Environment
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