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Course Name: Life Management Skills

Subject: Health

Course Number: 0800300

Credit Earned: .05 credit

Prerequisites: None

Course description: This course is designed to develop and enhance critical life management skills necessary to make sound decisions and takepositive actions for healthy and effective living. Using the motif of signposts, studens study real goals in order to form healthyattitudes and behavior that promotes personal development, health and well-being.

Scope & Sequence:

Module 1: The Construction Site: constructing positive self-esteem

Module 2: The Crosswalk; a nutrition unit

Module 3: A two-way street: communication skills

Module 4: Warning Dangerous Chemicals: substitute prevention

Module 5: Points of Interest: Stress, Time Management, Decision-

making skills

Module 6: Turn Right for consumer savvy: Shopping and spending

Module 7: Mixed Messages: Human sexuality

Module 8: Choose wellness and safety

Module 9: The Passing Zone: CPR and the final exam


This course integrates the Goal 3 Student Performance Standards of the Florida System of School Improvement and Accountability as appropriate to the content and processes of the subject matter.

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