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Course Description

Course Name: Business Systems Technology

Subject: Business Technology

Course Number: 8209020

Prerequisites: None

Credit: 1.0

Course Description: This course is designed to provide an overview of current business trends and to introduce students to the basic skills required for today's business environment. Emphasis is placed on developing aptitude with the fundamental computer applications of keyboarding and word processing for enhancing personal and workplace proficiency in an information based society. Introductory training in the Microsoft Office type programs will be offered.

Scope & Sequence:     

Module 1 – Course Introduction and Internet Basics

Module 2 – Keyboarding Skill Development

Module 3 – Netiquette, Internet and Word Processing

Module 4 – Time Management and Customer Service

Module 5 – Presentation Software using Microsoft Powerpoint

Module 6 – Spreadsheet Software using Microsoft Excel

Module 7 – Database Software using Microsoft Access
Virus protection, monopolies, and scams

Module 8 – Career research, Interviews, and Resume

Module 9 – Creative Resources, Ethics, Final Exam

Course Objectives  
The foundation for this course is the Florida Sunshine State Standards and the Business Systems and Technology course

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