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Course Description:

Course Name:  Web Design I

Subject: Business

Course Number: 8207110

Prerequisites: Business Systems Technology (BST)

Credit: 0.5

Course Description: This course builds upon the basic competencies learned in BST. In addition to learning web design, students will study content that includes operating systems; basic HTML, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks commands; and navigation of the Internet, Intranet, and WWW.

Scope & Sequence:    

Module 1 – Course Introduction and Research
Copyright and ethics
Copyright and netiquette

Module 2 – Lights
Web Design
Accessibility issues
Designing web pages
HTML Tutorials

Module 3 – Camera
Web site project
Dreamweaver tutorials

Module 4 – Action
Optimizing graphics
Fireworks tutorials

Module 5 – Creating the Masterpiece
Fine Points Review
WebQuest Task Discussion
WebQuest Outline
WebQuest Creation

Course Objectives 
The foundation for this course is the Florida Sunshine State
Standards and the Web Design I course description. Objectives
include participating in work-based learning experiences,
performing email activities, and demonstrating proficiency in
using and navigating the Internet, Intranet, and WWW.

Grading Policy             
Grades are based on the quality of the student submissions, participation in discussions, and the ability to maintain consistent communication with the instructor. The grading scale for the course is
A 90 -100
B 80 -89
C 70 -79
D 60 -69
F 59 or below

All forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to plagiarism, cheating, furnishing false information, forgery, alteration of documents or software, and misconduct during a testing situation. Cheating on an exam will result in a zero on the exam and may result in a withdrawal from the class based on the instructor’s discretion.

Communication/ Participation Requirements

Only through continuous communication can students be successful in an online course. Within each course, there is
an outline of weekly minimum work requirements. It is essential that the student and instructor maintain regular contact.  Failure to complete assignments on a consistent basis will result in being removed from the course.



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