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Course Name World History

Subject: Social Studies

Course Number: 2109310

Prerequisites: None

Credit: 1.0

Course Description: Through a “Windows of the World Museum,” World History gives students the opportunity to visit the past, connect with the present,and look to the future. The purpose of the course is to explore ancient and modern civilizations in order to understand thefuture as participating members of a global community.

Scope & Sequence: Module 1 – The Museum Forum

Course Overview

The Five Themes of Geography

Continents of the World

Discovering Prehistory

Ancient Questions


Module 2 – East Wing: The Ancients

Agriculture and the First Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations

Hammurabi’s Code of Laws

Ancient Egypt, India, China

Module 3 – West Wing: Traditions and Religions

Ancient Greece: The Beginning

Rome – From Riches to Ruin

World Religions

Module 4 – North Wing: The Crossroads


The Kingdoms of Africa

Japan in the Middle Ages

The Mongol Empire

The Middle Ages



The Crusades


Module 5 – South Wing: Renaissance/Reformation

People of the Renaissance

Protestant Reformation

Age of Exploration

Elizabethan England

Holy Roman Empire


Module 6 – Transept: Enlightenment & Revolution


Constitutional Monarchy

Scientific Revolution

Enlightenment/Age of Reason

French Revolution

Module 7 – Museum Restaurant: Nationalism…


Nationalism & Unification

The Industrial Revolution


Stepping into the 20 th Century

Module 8: Museum Basement: War, Depression…

The Road to War

The Russian Revolution

Depression & Fascism

World War II


Module 9: Museum Grounds: Interdependence

Cold War


Life since the 50’s

Asssessment for the Times


Module 10: Final Exam

This course shall integrate the Goal 3 Student Performance Standards of the Florida System of School Improvement and Accountability as appropriate to the content and processes of the subject matter.

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